IKILOU is an independent jewelry label founded by Barcelona based designer Louisa Bleil.

The label specialises in handmade silver jewellery, where each piece is a tribute to traditional craftsmanship.

Characterised by her upbringing in the contradictory, vibrant and intens city of Berlin, her designs are deeply rooted in industrial aesthetics, urban harshness and its contrast with the omnipresent organic forms of nature.
However, the actual working process is her driving force.
The desire to constantly try out and discover new things ultimately leads to the forms that make up Ikilou jewellery.
Currently, most of the pieces are created by carving and moulding in wax and are cast in collaboration with a local foundry using the traditional wax melting process. In a world where everything is mass-produced, Ikilou takes pride in offering something unique, a piece of jewelry that carries the soul of its creator.

“My creations are for those who appreciate the beauty of handmade art, who look beyond the superficial and appreciate the story behind the object.”